Conceptual description
• Electrical testing: precommissioning, commissioning and start up.
• Optical fiber: power lines, fusion and wiring, bidirectional certification.
• Construction and electromechanical industrial mountings, substations, transmission and distribution power lines.
• Execution of complementary public works that are necessary in each project.
• Development of engineering projects in multidisciplinary fields.
• Instrumentation and automatic control.
• Conventional electric generation (non renewable energy) as well as non conventional (renewable energy)
• Maintenance of industrial facilities
Main tasks and fields of work
Development of on site engineering
• Inspection of electrical and mechanical equipment
• Mounting of electrical and mechanical equipment
• Testing of electrical equipment
• Calibration of electrical protections, measurement tools and instrumentation in general
• Load tests (pre-comissioning)
• Testing with charge / start up processes (comissioning)
• Start up of processes (Start-up)
• Programming of projects and construction
• Project control and mounting
• Costs control

Multidisciplinary technical services
• Mechanical mounting
• Mounting of high voltage power lines
• Mounting of electrical substations
• Structural mounting
• Control e instrumentación
• Piping (AC, Carb., HDPE)
• Public work
• Electricity
• Others
Electrical equipment
Our laboratory has instruments to test electrical equipment in general, such as:
• Harmonic filters
• Electrical substations of 110 y 220 KV
• Engines
• Line and ground disconnectors
• Power transformers
• Current transformers
• Potential transformers
• Switchgears
• Encapsulated Electrical Substations
• Lightning rod
• Others

Tests and trials of electrical equipment (the main ones)
• Simultaneity of contacts
• Resistance of contacts
• Isolation and power factor
• Checking of equipment of control and measurements
• Saturation measurement
• Polarity measurement
• Oil humidity measurement
• Oil dielectric rigidity
• Time measurement of opening and closing
• Ohmic resistance of windingss
• Measurement of the rate of transformation
• Hipot test of cables
• Adjustment and calibration of protections
• Thermal imaging
• Others